Meet the Team

Duane Gardner

 As the owner and broker of Gardner Homes, Duane brings nearly a decade's worth of experience in commercial real estate. With experience ranging from operations management in large multi-unit facilities to commercial and residential real estate sales and rental management, Duane possesses a broad understanding of the industry. That knowledge base enables him to assess key trends and map out the future of the market. He is exceptionally equipped to meet a multifaceted array of needs, tailored to the goals and objectives of his client base.  

Angel Tynes

 With over three decades of experience with Gardner Homes, Angel serves as a cornerstone for the firm. As a real estate agent and Realtor, she is well versed in the industry and possesses an acute understanding of the market. She brings invaluable experience to Gardner Homes, including hotel and multi-unit management as well as single unit sales and rental management.